Check out our cool new video made by students from Carleton College.  Thanks to Ephraim Benson, Justin Navratil and August Sonnenberg!







This event is for all volunteers and donors!

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THANKS to everyone for coming to our 7th annual Habitat Family Reunion!  What a GREAT potluck we enjoyed and wonderful fellowship!  You can see all the pictures HERE.



Building a house can seem like an impossibly huge task. Expensive materials and labor and so much more go into it. Here at Habitat we always have tackled the problem one nail, one hammer, one family at a time.

Habitat is asking you to pick a number 1-500.  Whatever number you pick is the donation you give to Habitat.

The House of Numbers is like the stone soup fable.  How we all can make contributions of different sizes and collectively build a home.

Whether your gift is $17 or $498, each plays an important part in building a home.  You are encouraged to pick a number that has meaning to you.  Celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary? Take number 30 and give Habitat $30!  You can take more than one number – maybe take the ages of your kids!

Together our numbers will total $125,250 and a new home for a hardworking family.

When you click on this LINK you’ll be directed to a page where you can select your number(s) and make your contribution.  If you don’t see a number you want, that means someone else already took it.  Don’t worry, though – there are plenty of numbers to choose from!




We are excited to start building with the Iverson Family. Click HERE to see the rest of the pictures from our  groundbreaking!


We had two great House Dedications in June! Welcome Home Anderst Family and Martinez Family!


Want to see more videos?  Check out our You Tube Channel!


Here are the events we want YOU to put on your calendar!  Note, this is NOT the Build Schedule.