2016 Build Season – When Are We Starting?

Thanks for your patience as we try to start the 2016 Build Season!  We are building two homes this year: 805 1st St. W in Northfield with Judy Alexander and her four children, and 501 Short St. in Faribault with James and Lawna Kolterman.

We’re hoping to start mid-August 2016. Keep checking back here for our build schedule!

Donate to Our Buy a Foot CampaignBuy a Foot biggerBlueprints

When you decide to build a house, you need to start with blueprints. The blueprints detail out plans for the build – ensuring that it is completed successfully and is stable for the future.

At Rice County Habitat for Humanity, we believe that safe and healthy living conditions are blueprints for a happy and healthy life. We’re proud that the work of our organization helps lay the blueprints for our Partner Families to experience a better future.

We hope you’ll join us in laying the blueprints for a better future for our 2016 Partner Families by donating to our Buy a Foot campaign. For only $89, you can “buy” a square foot of one of our houses.

Read more about Buy a Foot and please consider donating to our 2016 b build season through this campaign.

Thrivent Builds with Rice County Habitat

As we approach summer, we are pleased to announce that Rice County Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Financial are partnering for the 2016 build season through the Thrivent Builds Homes program. Thrivent has awarded our affiliate $63,000 to support construction, and local Thrivent members will both help raise additional funds and volunteer at the build sites.

Thrivent Builds Homes is one of three Thrivent Builds programs which partners the financial, volunteer and advocacy resources of Thrivent Financial together with the affordable housing construction leadership of Habitat for Humanity. Learn more about Thrivent Builds.

Special thanks to Thrivent for selecting Rice County Habitat to receive support in 2016.

Support our mission of building simple, decent and affordable homes locally in Rice County. Give today!

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