2016 Families

The Alexander Family

Our first Partner Family is Judy Alexander and her alexandersfour children. Judy has lived in Northfield for 14 years and is an Assistant Day Supervisor at Cannon Valley Printing. The Alexanders currently live in a two bedroom apartment. Their new four bedroom home will be at 805 1st St. W in Northfield. Judy said she is greatly looking forward to being a homeowner and not having to call a landlord for every little fix that is needed.

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The Kolterman Family

Later this fall we will be building with our 20160312_203225second Partner Family, James and Lawna Kolterman. The Kolterman’s have been married for 23 years and recently found Habitat through a friend. With high rents, the couple is looking forward to their home will be at 501 Short St. in Faribault. James, who attended the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf in Faribault, is particularly eager to finally have a garage to designate his “man cave.”

See Pictures from the Kolterman Build