Planned Giving

You give…. and you get!

Yes, it’s true!  You can give and get at the same time!  A charitable gift annuity is just one way you could consider giving to Rice County Habitat for Humanity.  If you’re 65 and older, consider making a gift that creates a steady stream of lifetime income for YOU and at the same time provides a gift to Rice County Habitat that will change the lives of families for generations!

EXAMPLE:  Mr. and Mrs. Smith are 74 and 75 years old.  They have a $25,000 certificate of deposit coming due on February 1.  They can reinvest the CD for 5 years at a 1.5% return, or they can gift $25,000 in exchange for a charitable gift annuity.  The charitable gift annuity rate for their combined ages happens to be 5.0%, which means they will receive $1,250 ever year – more than triple the income they would have otherwise received from a CD.  (Note:  The rates vary depending on one’s age and the interest rates).  The Smith’s will receive fixed payments for the rest of their lives.  When one of them dies, the surviving spouse will continue to receive the same fixed payments for the rest of his or her life.  Upon the second death, Rice County Habitat receives a gift to use for ministry.  If they itemize on their income taxes, they will enjoy the added benefit of a charitable deduction in the year the gift is given.

Talk with your financial planner about this option or call us, 507-323-5167!