2013 Weed House Dedication 030Because Habitat believes in advocating for affordable housing we have a happy and successful homeowner who says:

“I have clean air in my house. I have a permanent place to live.
All the money I was spending for rent is going toward a mortgage or insurance for something sustainable. I saved over $1,000 in daycare last year. This went toward food purchases – we are eating well and not at the food shelf anymore. Working at home has helped me work more hours = more income. My daughter is playing in the yard. I am gardening. Shoveling the snow is like being at a mountaintop retreat. We are happy. Hooray for all of these things that Habitat and God’s grace has provided to me!” –Amy Weed, Homeowner

Rice County Habitat is a proud member of Homes for AllRead more about the advocacy efforts of this organization that aim to help ALL Minnesotans have a home.

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